Submitting a data sharing request

To submit a data sharing request, read the NTR data sharing request procedures and complete the NTR data sharing request form and send it to NTR Data management. To avoid delays, please go through the checklist before submitting your request.

Data management will check your request for completeness and feasibility. After this, your data request is submitted for review by the Data Access Committee (DAC). Once the DAC has reviewed your request (typically within 2 weeks) you will be informed of the outcome. If the request is not approved, you may be requested to revise the proposal and resubmit.

Once your data request is approved, you will be asked to sign a data sharing agreement (DSA). If you are an external applicant (i.e. not working at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), the DSA needs to be signed by the managing director of your division as well as the PI of your research project. It will be countersigned by a managing director of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Once we receive your signed data sharing agreement, data management will prepare your dataset. A typical data request takes approximately 2 weeks to prepare. If your request is particularly complex, more time may be needed. If this is the case, you will be informed of this by NTR data management.